Transfer Your Money Safely in an Online Mode with the Help of a Platform Named BOSS Revolution

One of the best money transfer services in an online mode is being provided by BOSS Revolution. It was the year 2013 that money transfer services by BOSS Revolution were launched for the citizens or people living in the United States of America. It was launched under the IDT payment services that are the International Discount Telecommunications payment services.

Other than the United States of America it was launched for a few selected locations or countries in the continent of Latin America. Since 2013 the company named BOSS Revolution has been growing and now it has been providing services of international money transfers which is at present provided to over 59 countries in the whole world. 

These 59 countries include countries from the continents of Europe, Africa, and some of the countries located in the Middle East region. In this article, we will be providing you with a full breakdown of the company and all the money transfer services by BOSS Revolution that are being provided to the customers.

BOSS Revolution fees, costs, and exchange rates

The most important thing for a person before making any kind of international money transaction through an online platform is to become fully known about the different costs, fees, and exchange rates involved in making the transaction. BOSS Revolution provides the best costs, fees, and exchange rates to the people who are using their service for any kind of money transaction.

  • Transfer fees

The money transfer services by BOSS Revolution charge no money for a first-time customer for any kind of international transaction which involves the transfer of up to 300 US Dollars. When someone exceeds the limit of 300 US Dollars then the charge starts from 1.99 US Dollars and can be significantly higher. 

This transfer charge depends on which country you are sending the money to and also the method of payment you chose in the first place. So that you are fully clear here is a small example, if you are sending your money to a person from Brazil then the transfer charge will be 1.99 US Dollars if you are using your debit card but the charge will be 7.99 US Dollars if you are paying via credit card.

  • Exchange rates

BOSS Revolution does not exactly have any specification of what exchange rates they have for international transactions but the rates vary depending on which currency you are converting your money into that is with which country you are trying to do the transaction. For the most part, this international money transfer service providing platforms provides competitive charges than most.

  • Other fees

There are some charges that a customer may have to pay depending on different factors that are being considered by the money transfer platform. Charges like advance cash by your credit card service provider while using your credit card for transactions.

The countries preferred to transfer money through BOSS Revolution

BOSS Revolution provides quite a wide range of countries where a person can do their money transactions. It provides the service of money transactions to over 59 countries in the whole world at the best exchange rates and other fees for the customers. This organization has over 320,000 agents to make cash transfers more accessible for its customers.

The company’s most active currency routes are Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, Nigeria, El Salvador, Ghana, and many other countries. The countries we mentioned are the places where services are available almost all the time and are most accessible but the organization.

The money transfer services by BOSS Revolution take the least time to be completed it takes just a few minutes to complete the transaction. Although the exact time of the completion of the money transaction depends on various factors such as the country you are trying to transfer the money to and the payment method the customer has selected.

Advantages of using BOSS Revolution’s money transfer services

Over the years BOSS Revolution kept on growing and has earned the title of being the best service provider in the field of international or any kind of money transaction. Certain things made this company the best among the money transaction service providing companies and those things are:

  • The money transfer services provided by this company are accessible in a wide range of countries which includes over 50 countries from the continents of Europe, Latin America, and some countries from the Middle East region.
  • Offers several different delivery options so that the customer can choose according to their own preference.
  • They charge no extra charge for the customers who are doing a transaction for the first time.
  • They got an app available for both Android and Apple stores that can be used 24/7.
  • Delivers your money as soon as possible.


Hopefully, this article has helped you learn the in-depth breakdown of the money transfer services by BOSS Revolution.

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