The Best Place for Mixed Martial Arts Lovers to Know About the Sites to Watch UFC Online Live Stream for Free

We all know what UFC is. Personally, for me, it is my life. Not just me but there are millions of people all around the world whose lives revolve around UFC. This is the biggest company promoting the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Featuring great combat fighters with any fighting style. The mix of all the fighting styles makes the sport the most violent sport in the whole world. The company is the most prestigious holding company in the field of Mixed Martial Arts.

For over twenty years now it has been serving as a go-to place for quality fighters all around the world and also for the people who love the sport. Setting up shows every week, with the cards of the shows filled with quality fights. As we all know that it is not always possible to be at home and watch every show as we all have a busy schedule. For that reason, UFC online live stream was started by the company on its official website.

Falcons vs Panthers live stream

The need for sites that let you do free online UFC live stream

The thing about the official website of the UFC is that the audience has to pay a certain amount of money to watch the fights they want to watch. This extra charge is a problem for many people all around the world because the money they have to give is too much for them because they have to also take care of their daily expenses and they have a family too. This means that after paying for all their needs they will not be able to afford the money that they have to pay to the official website of the UFC for an online UFC live stream.

The not so affordable point was not good because as a UFC fan I know that even missing one show of the fight can be hard. The UFC die-hard fans live for the sport and are willing to support the sport and watch their favorite fighters or you can say the fighter they love and idolize. Hence for a Mixed Martial Arts fan, it is really hard to accept that they cannot enjoy the sport because they cannot afford to pay the money to the official website. This is why the need for sites that lets a fan watch UFC’s online live stream for free is needed. We are going to mention some of such sites in the next segment.

The best 10 platforms to watch UFC online

1. ESPN to watch UFC Online
2. SportLemon
3. RojaDirecta to watch UFC Online
4. Feed4U
5. Fight Live to watch UFC Online
6. UFC Fight Pass
7. Mama HD
8. Sports Zone HD
9. Pirlo TV
10. Acho TV

The best sites for free online UFC live stream

I have already mentioned that I am a Mixed Martial Arts fan and especially a Conor McGregor fan. I cannot even think of not watching him fight when he does. Hence I have the best knowledge of what sites are the best to watch UFC online live stream for free. Some of the best websites for streaming UFC free in online mode are mentioned below:

  • The official channel of the UFC on YouTube

This is not a website but a channel of the company on the free video streaming platform that is YouTube. The channel contains almost all the contents of the UFC and the fighters that are in contract with the UFC. You may think that YouTube is for independent creators and not for big organizations but this channel is a great path for UFC fans to stream the contents of the UFC online. The only bad thing about this channel is that it gives late updates because it is the official channel and sometimes it also does not upload the full fights. Hence it is a good option but has certain limitations for a die-hard UFC fan.

  • BT sport 1 on CricFree

This is a site that lets people do free online UFC live streams. This site can be annoying at certain times as this website shows a lot of advertisements that help them raise their revenue. But honestly, that should be accepted because the site has workers who operate all the uploading and pirating of the UFC original contents and provide it to all the people around the world for free. The other limitation of this site is that the quality of the content provided is not up to the mark. People would expect to have 1080p content but only the advertisements are 1080p and all the other contents including the MMA-related content are also 480p.

  • Crack streams

This is yet another site that lets you stream UFC online for free. Not just MMA but it lets you live stream a ton of other sports such as Basketball, Football, Soccer, wrestling, and many more popular sports. The looks of the site are almost similar to the official website of the UFC. At first, I thought that this might be a sub-website of the UFC company. There are a lot of ads for revenue but the quality of the content is 1080p which makes this website heaven to online UFC live stream without paying any money.


Hopefully, I was able to give you the required information of the websites that you can pick for free online UFC live stream. You can pick the best size for yourself according to your preference.

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