How to Install and Activate on Roku, Xbox, and FireStick 2021 is one of the turner brands run by Turner International. This company also runs many international brands such as CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, TMC Turner Classic Movies. Turner International also operates country and regional specific channels in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Middle East Africa. It has many third-party media partners and provides free as well as paid channels over the regions. Warner Bros and HBO are the giant partners of Turner International. Turner operates more than 180 channels in almost 34 languages to showcase 46 brands in over 200 countries worldwide. It is Time Warner Company.

The gaming consoles such as Xbox one and X box 360 also supports TnTdram and some other Turner channels so that user can enjoy watching shows in their gaming zones.

Many streaming devices have inbuilt installed. But not in every device. In this article, we will study how to install and activate on your streaming device. It is very easy to install and activate. Visit on So let’s follow the steps of installation and activation TnTdrama in your Xbox, FireStick, and Roku.


There are many OTT platforms available despite people’s love for TnT drama com increasing every day. It is available in 34 languages then how can not you subscribe for this for Roku, Xbox, and FireStick.

If you are a Roku subscriber then TnT drama is not a new thing for you, there is an inbuilt setup for the Roku device. Ruku gives you access to enjoy the unlimited amazing online world of TnT drama through TV cable network. The latest update for activation Tnt Drama com is available on Here you will get all step by step guides to activate your on your home devices like FireStick, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

Activate TnTdrama com on Roku Media Device.

Below are given the steps to install and active Tntdrama com on your Roku device so that you can enjoy unlimited streaming with TnT.

  • Make a connection between your Roku Media Device and your television using a USB cable.
  • Start your Roku Media Player and Television
  • Download and install TnTDrama App on your Roku Media Player and enable the TnTDrama for Roku.
  • Using the remote control of Roku navigate to the gear setting icon from the TnTDrama App.
  • Select and click on the “Activate your device” on Roku.
  • You will get an activation code on your TV screen.
  • Note this code from a TV screen and go to the URL from your computer or mobile phone.
  • Here select the option Roku and log in with your Roku credentials.
  • now from the drop menu select the name of your cable television provider.
  • Then type the activation code you previously noted from your TV screen and press the submit button on the browser.
  • Within a second you will receive a success message from Roku and here your activation of TnTdrama com finishes on your Roku Media Device. Now you can enjoy your streaming.

Activate Tntdrama com for FireStick

This will make you more excited when you came to know that Tntdrama com is also available on Amazon’s FireStick. Now with the latest update of Tntdrama com, it will feature on FireStick platform also, like Xbox and Roku Media Device.

There are some standards to install TnTDram on FireStick, below are the complete steps given for activation. Using these super easy steps it will be possible for you to enjoy unlimited streaming of TntDrama com on your FireStick Media Device.

  • Make the connection between your TV and FireStick.
  • Download the TnTdrama com app on your FireStick and make an installation.
  • Once the installation is complete go to the app using FireStick remote control.
  • Here you will find the option “Activate this” click on it and you will get the activation code on your TV screen. Note the activation code.
  • Now Open the link from your browser.
  • Select the option FireStick option from the space given for “ Television Provider.
  • Enter your activation generate on your television screen.
  • Click on submit button and wait for a second.
  • You will get a confirmation message on your browser and in a few seconds you can access your TnTdrama com and you enjoy the featuring.

TnTDrama com activate on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Now your gaming console Xbox One and Xbox 360 are not limited for gaming only, TnTDrama com’s latest updates bring you a feature that you can enjoy its streaming on your gaming devices and these are no longer limited to gaming only.

Below are the steps to activate TnTDrama com on Xbox

  • Make the connection between your gaming console whichever you have that is Xbox One or Xbox 360 with Television.
  • Nest download and install TnTDrama app on your device and open the App.
  • Go to the setting and click on “Activat Your Device” and select the TnTDrama.
  • You can get an activation code on your television screen, note it.
  • Now go to the from your browser and here login with your credentials to your Turner Internation Entertainment account.
  • Next enter the activation code you previously noted from your television screen.
  • Don’t forget to click on submit button, once you click the button your connection will start establishing with TnTDrama com and your Xbox device.
  • Once the Linking is established you will receive the confirmation message that your account has been activated for your Xbox Serie One and 360.

It is so simple to activate TnTDrama com on FireStick, Roku, and Xbox devices. Hope you will find our activation guidelines and steps helpful to activate your TnTDrama account. Maybe in nearest future, the upcoming update of TnTDrama will come with access to many other Media devices.

Final Words

Turner International is a Warner Media company globally known for its award winning shows and series. It is a leader entertainment company in the industry. TnTDrama com is one of the most popular American Pay television that spread over 200 countries.

Now it is streaming on Amazon’s FireStick, Roku Media device, and Xbox One and Xbox 360 gaming consoles. Warner Entertainment Company Turner International gives us extremely entertaining series and show, some of them must be mentioned – MIRACLE WORKERS, I AM THE NIGHT, THOSE WHO CAN’T, THE LAST OG, Good Behavior, Search Party, Angie Tribeca, etc. and many more yet to come.

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