Know More About icare Health Monitor and icare Health Monitor Pro APK: A Detail Guide Includes Downloads, Latest Versions list, Uses, and Many More


icare Health Monitor is the mobile app for users to check your blood pressure, oxygen level, heart rates, lung capacity, and some more day to day activity of your body. Press your index finger on the rare camera of your smartphone and it will give you some approximate information about your physiology. Keep your finger on the camera until the result is completely shown.

If you want to buy any fitness tracker or smartwatch to measure and track your fitness then drop your idea and install icare health monitor app to your smartphone. icare health monitor and icare health monitor Pro are available for both Android and iOS and it is totally free to download and install.

Feature and description of icare health monitor app

Icare health monitor app can measure your body physiology like BP, heart rate, oxygen level by phone. You don’t need to buy or wear any fitness tracker or smartwatch.

Main feature:

  • Blood Pressure check
  • Heart rate check
  • Oxygen level check
  • Vision/ eye test
  • Hearing measurement
  • Lung capacity
  • Body workout measure
  • Fats and callories test

Technical information (Specification)

Category: Fitness
Version: 3.6.0
Size: 10 MB
Developed by: Android
Language: English
Package name: comm.cchong.BloodAssistant
Programmed by: iCare Fit Studio

How to use icare health monitor app

This is very easy to use the app. Download the app on your phone and installed it. Register the app with your original credentials for better performance and accurate measurement. Other than tracking your body activity this app can provide you with some workout or exercise guide depends on your health. This app also provides some workout planning and videos.

There are many kinds of measurements available such as Real-time photoplethysmogram graph, Autism-spectrum Test, Pedometer. Once you install the app, press your figure on the rare camera of your smartphone so that it can record your body measurement, keep your figure on the camera until it finished the record.

This is very easy to monitor your day to day activity. Icare health monitor app can also track your stress level and anxiety and provide you a time to time information about calories burnt and gain.

How to install the icare health monitor APK

This app is not available at the play store, it is a third-party app. To download and install this app you have to make some setting to your smartphone and allow the outsider app.

Step 1: Download the app directly from the link
Step 2: Once download finish install the APK file with your original credentials
Step 3: Allow your camera, gallery access to the app
Step 4: Now Fill in the information like gender, age, and region
Step 5: your installation is complete here.
Step 6: keep your app open and point your index finger on the rare camera.
Step 7: This app will start receiving your body information.

Lets have a look at the icare health Monitor app’s pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Appropriate Result


  • Medical terminology is not good
  • Many bugs
  • Less to expectation

Best Alternatives for icare health monitor

  1. Heart Rate Plus
  2. Pacer
  3. icare Blood pressure monitor
  4. Cardiograph
  5. Instant heart rate
  6. Pedometer

Conclusion: icare health monitor app is the best app to measure your body and alert you for various factors related to your fitness. This app can fulfill all your requirements regarding your physiology and everyday life. This may help you to prevent to doctors for several checkups.

Finally, try this app once before you plan to buy expensive health tracker devices, it will really be up to your requirements.

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