Shiny Skwovet and Others are Appearing More Frequently in a Limited Edition of Raid Max in Switch Pokemon

Pokemon has announced another limited edition that will bring Shiny Skwovet back to Pokemon in a bonus event that will last until Sunday 22nd, 2020. Shiny will appear on Switch Pokemon during Max raid Battles. The event is currently ongoing and gamers are excited to see this amazing character once again. Apart from Skwovet, some other rare Pokemon characters that will appear are Greedent, Cherubi, Shiinotic, and Amoongus.

Start Playing to Enjoy Raid Max

Raid Max has already started across Pokemon Sword and Shield in Switch but this isn’t the only fun thing about the event. You are also going to earn different berries after successful raids. These will include but will not be limited to Custap, Rowap, and Micle Berries. Before you can get your hands on Shiny, you have to get up to 5 stars on the raids.

To participate in the new event, you need to refresh the Max Raid dens. Otherwise, it will not appear on your game. After that, connect Y-Comm online and open the Mystery Gift which can be found in the menus section.

Pokemon has also released a new feature that allows players to transfer monsters from the live game to storage. Using this feature, you can transfer Pokemon characters from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home. You will also receive Melmetal, a character with Gigantamax capabilities.

Pokemon is one of the most successful Augmented Reality games in the world. Over the years, different versions of the game have been invented with new and improved features. The game was invented in Japan but has since become a global franchise. The company recently announced that the United States and many European countries will enjoy a Zarude distribution. This will increase Pokemon presence in those places.

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