Samsung Releases Details About the Upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro Set, and It’s Not What You Expect

Samsung’s recent Galaxy earbuds have been known for their bean shape and amazing sound quality. From the sneak peek of the new earbuds, there have been rumors of a new shape taking fold. If the new Samsung earbuds aren’t bean-shaped, how will they look? The new earbuds are already in the works and would be released soon according to credible sources.

What to Expect From the Samsung Galaxy Bud Pro

According to the Indonesian telecommunications authority, the Galaxy Buds Pro will be different from what everyone expects. SamMobile confirmed the information noting that the Galaxy Buds will be in-ear buds with a similar design to the Galaxy Buds+. However, it will come with a noise cancellation feature for even better performance.

The noise cancellation option isn’t the only thing you should look out for in the Galaxy Buds Pro. This small but mighty device will also come with an enhanced Ambient mode. Samsung has promised that the Galaxy Buds Pro will be much better than the bean-shaped bud.

While Samsung’s bean-shaped bud is beautiful and offers comfort, it doesn’t provide quality audio. This is why it faced a lot of criticism from users and it explains why Samsung has decided to abandon this design. It doesn’t have an inner-ear seal but the upcoming product will have this feature as it boosts performance.

With its amazing features, the Galaxy Buds Pro will be more like Apple’s AirPods Pro and it will make Samsung an even stronger competition to Apple. Combined with its new flagship phones, Galaxy S21 slate devices, Samsung is ready to give Apple a run for its money.

MySmartPrice noted that the phones will most likely be released in January along with the Earbuds. Samsung already has the regulatory green light to move forward with the release of their new products.

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