Interested in an Apple Series 6 Smartwatch? Don’t Get One Until You Read this Updated Review

The Apple smartwatch has been the yardstick used for measuring the quality of every other smartwatch in the market. This is irrespective of the fact that Apple wasn’t the first company to develop these smart wearable devices. The latest product in their line of smartwatches is the Apple Watch Series 6. Is this smartwatch worth the hype or is it simply overpriced?

Apple Smartwatch Series 6: is it Worth Your Money?

You’ll hardly find any tech blog that hasn’t recommended the Series 6 smartwatch as a great holiday gift this period. Irrespective of the fact that it costs five times as much as many Android smartwatches, it is still in high demand.

What we Like

  • Always on feature lets, you see the display screen all the time
  • Comes with two health apps for ECG and blood-oxygen monitoring
  • Has a moderate watch face of 44mm
  • 50m water resistant
  • Great haptics
  • Apple pay available
  • Incredible battery life

What we Don’t Like

  • You’ll need to pay almost $400 to get one
  • It only works with iPhones with operating systems from 2014
  • The blood-oxygen tracker doesn’t do much good

The Series 6 might be the latest option in the Apple smartwatch series but this doesn’t automatically make it the best option for you. It has many great features that aren’t present in the SE and Series 3 watches. However, it was made specifically for iOS users. If you own an Android phone and want a quality smartwatch, you should look for a solid Android wearable device.

The Series 6 comes with a host of amazing features but it costs an arm and leg to buy one even in this holiday season. You can go for the more affordable Series 3 or SE if you are adamant about buying an Apple smartwatch for personal use or as a gift.

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