Apple Has Launched Over-ear Headset AirPods Max for a Whopping Price Tag of $549 Per Piece

Apple has just launched a new. product; the AirPods Max headphones that will change the game in the headset industry. This headset comes with an amazing price tag of $549. Is it worth the money? Or is it all hype? According to the announcement that was made yesterday, the headset will be available for sale from the 15th of December 2010. These headsets cost about four times the price of a regular Android headset.

Apple Headsets or Something Else?

As at the time of the announcement, Apple noted that interested customers can now order the headsets in pink, and blue, silver, gray, and green. The headset comes with spatial audio, a custom acoustic design, and a noise cancellation feature. Let’s not forget to mention the transparency mode that allows people to listen to music and be fully aware of what is happening in their environment. This feature comes in handy when you’re walking on the street and listening to music at the same time.

The vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, Greg Joswiak, said that this product will allow Apple users to enjoy the AirPods experience on a much larger scale with their over-ear design. The headset will come with a powerful battery that will last for over 20 hours at a time when fully charged. It will be compatible with Siri, your assistant, and come with a feature that allows users to automatically switch from one device to another without a fuse.

It’s not a surprise that Apple is launching an over-ear headset. Ever since their successful purchase of Beats Electronics for $3 billion, there have been rumors of an upcoming headset that will offer the AirPod experience in a much larger package.

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